"I am certainly not one of those who need to be prodded…"

on knowing your limitations

Posted in Uncategorized by stuart sia on October 8, 2008

“‘Can ye no leave the bloody hoarse alone?’ he yelled into my face. I made no reply, being pop-eyed, half throttled and in no mood for conversation.

The coalman turned his fury on the horse. ‘Drop him, ya big bastard! Go on, let go, drop him!’

Getting no response he dug the animal viciously in the belly with his thumb. The horse took the point at once and released me like an obedient dog dropping a bone…

After some time I stood up. The coalman was still shouting and the crowd was listening appreciatively. ‘Whit d’ye think you’re playing at – keep yer hands off ma bloody hoarse – get the poliss tae ye…’

Once clear I started to walk away rapidly and as I turned the corner the last faint cry from the coalman reached me.

‘Dinna meddle wi’ things ye ken nuthin’ aboot!'”

[Herriot, James. All Creatures Great and Small, Ch 18]