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a national crisis

Posted in politics by stuart sia on September 30, 2008

“This is a moment of national crisis, and today’s inaction in Congress as well as the angry and hyper-partisan statement released by the McCain campaign are exactly why the American people are disgusted with Washington,” the Obama-Biden campaign said in a statement released shortly after the vote.

Sen. John McCain’s campaign accused Obama and Democrats of putting “politics ahead of country.”


thank you, hillary clinton

Posted in politics by stuart sia on September 18, 2008

“Senator Clinton has made history in this campaign. She has made history not just because she is a woman who has done what no woman has done before, but because she is a leader who inspires millions of Americans with her strength, her courage, and her committment to the causes that brought us here tonight.”

-Senator Barack Obama

why biden?

Posted in politics by stuart sia on September 18, 2008

Like Barack Obama, Biden has been an outspoken critic of Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq.

Biden’s leadership was instrumental in helping to bring stability and peace to the Balkans. In 1999, Biden wrote a resolution endorsing the air war in Kosovo that was passed by the Senate.

Biden is a leader on the congressional effort to end genocide in Darfur.

In the late 1990s, Biden led the effort in the Senate to bring Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic into NATO and to pass the Chemical Weapons Treaty.

Biden has been instrumental in crafting almost every major piece of crime legislation over the past two decades. His Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 put more than 100,000 police officers on America’s streets and has been credited with bringing down crime rates to the lowest in a generation.

In 1996, Biden authored legislation to create a national registry of sex offenders, which tracks people convicted of sex crimes involving violence or committed against minors.

Biden authored and passed the landmark Violence Against Women Act, the strongest legislation to date that criminalizes domestic violence and holds batterers accountable.

Biden was a strong supporter of the Family and Medical Leave Act, cracked down on deadbeat dads, and has been a consistent champion for equal pay.

Biden was one of the first to introduce legislation to address global warming and he co-sponsored the most aggressive piece of climate change legislation in the U.S. Senate.

Biden is a champion on the issue of making college more affordable by using the tax code to reduce costs.

Biden was successful in passing a provision that prevents budget cuts to military facilities while the nation is at war, one of his key priorities, ensuring that all veterans have top-notch medical treatment in a fully-funded VA health care system.


vote for change. vote for obama.

Posted in politics by stuart sia on September 18, 2008

“I’m in this to win, I want to win, and I think we will win. But, I’m also going to emerge intact. I’m going to be Barack Obama and not some parody.”

“Movement without organization, without policy, without plans, will dissipate.”

“One of the dangers of movements is that they always want to be completely pure and have everything their way. But politics is about governing and making compromises. And so sometimes folks who come into politics with a movement mentality an be disappointed…But the flip side of it is if it’s all tactics and all politics, and there’s not the idealism, if it’s not touched by that sense of movement, then you actually never bring about change. Then it’s just pure transactions between powerful interests in Washington.”

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